All Furniture is refurbished and not new. And comes with quirks and character marks acquired over its lifetime.

Layaway Policy 

Deposits and payments on layaway are nonrefundable.


Changes to piece placed on layaway are subject to additional fees and must be agreed to prior to commencement of layaway contract.


Total purchase amount must be more than $250 to be eligible for layaway.


Layaway requires a 30% nonrefundable deposit to begin with a payment due in 30 days and payoff in 45 days. Items not paid off within timeframe will be offered for sale and all deposits and payments made will be forfeit. Items sold as set will be treated as a single item and all pieces subject to above terms.


Items left after payoff without pickup or delivery arrangements made will be subject to a $10 a day nonrefundable storage fee due upon pickup. Items paid in full left for longer than 90 days will become property of Raine Gardens and Rainy Day Vintage, LLC and ours to do with it as we see fit.

Custom Work Policy

We operate on an 8 week lead time.


Finishes that require multiple paints add additional fees.

Fabric costs are included in the estimate up to $12 a yard. Any overage will be added to additional change fee in the final balance due.


Quote does not include painting inside of cabinets unless prior agreement is made.

Original Hardware is used. If replacing hardware, additional fee is required. Change in hardware must be made prior to starting work on piece or additional fees will be added.

Repairs needed found after beginning of work will be subject to fees.


All completed pieces must be picked up within 14 days of completion. Any pieces not picked after 14 days will add a storage fee of $10 a day.  Exceptions for extenuating circumstances will be considered at the discretion of Raine Gardens & Rainy Day Vintage and must be requested prior to 14 day limit reached

All quotes made based on photos are approximate and will be revisited upon seeing piece in person.