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Rainy Day Artists is a members only virtual community for artists to learn, create, and interact with each other. I am offering all of my knowledge and skills for furniture restoration and painting techniques in this online group    I will come to you, on your time. You will be able access videos within the group where I paint, teach, and answer questions. You will be part of a community that will cheer each other on as we expand our skill set and grow as artists. The group is open 24/7 in case you ever need advice or reference and so that you can watch painting videos all day long or at 2 AM or whatever your schedule allows.


  • Go through the complete furniture restoration process with a continuing video series

  • Learn to choose the right pieces of furniture to invest in refinishing

  • Guidance on what  supplies are needed to prep, paint, & finish 

  • Watch videos live or in replay to see step-by-step techniques

You know how every beautifully decorated room on interior design shows have that one unique centerpiece that ties everything together? Well, I offer beautiful one of a kind pieces to become a centerpiece in your home. If you want an extra special touch to your space, I can help you with your own creations. I do this by offering classes to walk you through my creative processes, allowing you to take the skills you learn and transform them into a style that is uniquely you. This gives me the ability to help aspiring artists express themselves more freely with the added skills and techniques that can build up their repertoire. My clients say that I give them more freedom to express themselves through their own unique creations.

Renee Smith

I own an upscale vendor's market in Louisiana & was introduced to Renee though a mutual friend.  We are always looking for talented artisans to visit us & teach classes. We were ecstatic to get someone the caliber of Renee to agree to visit our area & offer to share her phenomenal talent as a furniture artist! Everyone who has taken her class has learned so much & has fallen in love with her passion for her craft as well as her enthusiasm to share her skills with others. Whether you want to learn basic or advanced furniture painting techniques, you won't find a more professional & fun teacher than Renee!